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Understanding & Information on Cataracts

Approximately 24.5 million people in the US have cataracts. One in six over the age of 40 and 50% of those 75 and older.

There are several different types of cataracts. The type that is the most common is related to aging. This natural aging process results in the lens of the eye becoming cloudy.  Most of us will start to notice the effects or signs of these age-related cataracts in our 50’s or 60’s.  

To better understand cataracts, it is good to know a little anatomy of the eye. The pupil is the dark center of the eye. It is what light passes through to reach the back of the eye, or retina, allowing us to see the world. On the other side of the pupil is the lens. It is shaped exactly like a lens in a 35mm camera and does exactly what the lens in the camera does, focus on the object you are looking at. As the lens ages (along with the rest of our body) it becomes cloudy. Over time that cloudiness increases. Think about the windshield of a brand new car. It is nice and clear but after 40 or 50 years as dust and film build-up occurs over time it is much harder to see through that window, or in our case, through the lens.

If you noticed you have an occasional film or haze over your vision.  Always cleaning your glasses or wiping your eyes to make them better, there is a good chance you have cataracts forming. As time goes on, cataracts will cause you to have blurry vision. You may find that you need more light when reading. Cataracts can also affect your vision to the extent you may find it hard to pass your driver's license test.

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