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For work or play, contact lenses may be the perfect fit for you. Skiing, hiking, camping, trail running, mountain biking, ATVs, and so many other outdoor options await all of us who live in Colorado. Sometimes glasses can get in the way.

At Lymer Vision we excel in providing the right contact lens for your specific needs including correcting astigmatism, the new multi-focal contacts to correct both near and far vision (no more need for readers or bifocals) as well as the new daily disposable which are ultrathin, hydrating contacts that not only feel great but keep your eyes better hydrated.

Call our office, schedule online, or text us today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Lymer so we can work together to keep your eyes healthy and happy and your vision clear!

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When you are ready to see the world clearly with your traditional contact lenses or if you are wanting to try new technology, call our office or schedule and text us online from Dr. Lymer will evaluate your vision to determine the best correction for clear vision.

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